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Is an online tea shop offering gourmet loose leaf Ceylon black, green, and white teas, either plain or with natural flavors. Added recently is a selection of Rooibos teas and some practical tea merchandise. Complementing our best teas is an assortment of organic solid dark and milk chocolate bars from Switzerland, and new this year is Vegan chocolate. Our gallery with mixed media collage art is now open again. 

Tea and Chocolate with a difference
Blending teas and producing chocolates is an art that requires skill, imagination, and good taste. These products are not large-scale factory produced, but designed, hand crafted, and tested by artisans in their respective fields. We hope you enjoy our fine selection of online teas and chocolates while browsing through our unique collage art gallery.
Mixed Media Art Collages

Mixed Media Art Collages

Appeal - Aufruf (Mixed media collage)

Collage Art with mixed media - what is it?

Here some 
excerpts from exhibitions with Poeplau - Collage Art 

What is it?

The Art of Chocolate

The Art of Chocolate

Chocolate: a word that, for many people, conjures up an image of a dark, sweet, and creamy mass, solidified into chunks and bars, or a steaming hot drink with whipped cream.....the flavor and texture of this wonderful food makes it very hard to resist.
Much has been written about the health benefits of chocolate lately, and the pros and cons of consuming it, but, as with anything, moderation is the key; eating a small piece of delicious chocolate can be stimulating and inspiring. It may just make your day!
We have a wonderful selection of Swiss chocolates from Chocolate Stella in our assortment, ranging from dark and bitter to milky and sweet, organic, with fruits or nuts, and even with chili flavor or fruit from the Boabab tree. Mmm…………. why wait any longer?

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The Art of Tea Blending

The Art of Tea Blending

Tea Range - A Treat for Tea Lovers 
Various species of tea leaves from different plantations in Ceylon and India are skillfully blended to achieve a perfect cup of tea. For the more adventurous tea drinker, blends were developed with hints of fruit, flowers, and selected spices, creating soothing and aromatic teas for any occasion.
Tea Range's newest products are Rooibos and black teas in the Nova Tea product line. These also have fruit flavours with blueberry or cranberry or spices. 

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