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Rooiboos Tea

Rooiboos Tea

Rooibos Teas from Nova Tea 

Rooibos Tea flavored with real blueberries, cranberries, spices, or just natural, is always a delight

The Rooibos plant (Aspalathus Linearis), also known as red bush, grows naturally in a small area in the Western Cape region in South Africa at an altitude of about 2000 feet. Rooibos is endemic to this area and attempts to cultivate it in North America and other areas were unsuccessful. The infusion made from the leaves of this plant has been know in South Africa for many years and lately gained world-wide popularity. Rooibos tea is a rich source of antioxidants with a high level of flavonoids and contains no caffeine. The leaves are oxidized to produce the distinctive redish-brown color and to enhance the flavour. Rooibos tastes well with added flavors like spices and fruits, and Nova Tea offers these in its new assortment online and in select stores in Nova Scotia. Our Rooibos Nova Tea is available in 50 gram tins with locally grown blueberries or cranberries, as Rooibos Chai, or just natural. 
Rooiboos Tea from Nova Tea

Rooiboos Tea from Nova Tea

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Nova Tea RooiboosNova Tea RooiboosNova Tea - Rooibos natural in 50g tin
Nova Tea Rooiboos w. Maple SyrupNova Tea Rooiboos w. Maple SyrupRooibos tea flavored with Maple syrup extract 
Nova Tea Rooibos ChaiNova Tea Rooibos ChaiNova Tea - Rooibos Chai with spices in 50 g tin
Nova Tea Rooibos CranberryNova Tea Rooibos CranberryNova Tea - Rooibos with real cranberries in 50g tin
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