Tea Range - White - Silver Needle tea
Tea Range - White - Silver Needle tea
Silver Needle White Tea
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White Tea - Organic Silver-Needle Ceylon Tea

This is the least processed type of tea among the black and green teas. When harvesting White tea, the pure, silver-colored buds and selected leaves are hand-picked and then very carefully and meticulously sun dried. This process ensures that the many nutrients contained in the buds and leaves are retained.
White tea has a delicate, pure, and natural taste, since the fermentation process is not applied. The taste is lightly exotic and slightly sweet, stimulating the sense of taste just enough without appearing to overwhelm or disappoint once expectations.
White tea has less caffeine than green or black tea, and much less than coffee, which makes it an awesome choice for anyone trying to avoid large amounts of caffeine.

Available in 20g tin

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