Tea Range - Green - Dragon Pearls Jasmine
Tea Range - Green - Dragon Pearls Jasmine
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Tea Range Green Dragon Pearls
Watch these beautiful pearls of green tea slowly unfurl and release flavour as they steep. This green tea is scented with fresh jasmine, which makes for an intoxicatingly fragrant cup.

Tin of 50 grams, enough to make at least 100 cups.
Incredible as it seems, each of these pearls was hand-rolled. It’s a tradition that began over 1300 years ago, when a Chinese emperor wanted to give an original gift of love. Made from green tea scented with blooming jasmine flowers, they are perfect little gems. When you infuse them in hot water, they will release the most intensely beautiful scent as they slowly unravel and come to life. (MK Kosher)
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