Tea Range - Specialty Flavoured Teas
Tea Range - Specialty Flavoured Teas
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Premium Ceylon black or green tea perfectly blended with natural flavours:

Masala Chai - Black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, pepper, ginger, and cloves - a real treat on a cold day

Maple - Black tea with maple extract (without sugar content), and a hint of cardamom 

Cream Caramel - Black tea with caramel extract (without sugar content) and a hint of cardamom

Jazzy Mint - High quality Ceylon green tea blended with mint and a hint of lemon - energizing yet relaxing - great for making ice tea.

Maple - High quality Ceylon green tea with the delicious flavour of maple extract (without sugar content).

Strawberry - A unique and delicate blend of high quality green tea with hint of Orange Pekoe and Strawberry extract (without sugar content), great for ice tea too.
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